VR for Veteran's Day!

This years America's Parade - the largest Veteran's Day celebration in the country - is expanding their experience to include virtual reality. The New York City based parade extends along Fifth Avenue this afternoon, with over 20,000 participants and at least half a million spectators expected.

Despite this impressive turnout, many veterans and their families are unable to attend due to distance or physical limitations. Because of this, Google - as part of their Google Impact Challenge - has partnered with YouTube360 to film the event for use in Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets.

Cameras will film the event from all angles, so that the created footage will be incredibly immersive for viewers. This footage will be available a few hours following the event for anyone to watch online, while Google has numerous events scheduled at veterans centers and hospitals throughout the country over the next few days. By distributing cardboard viewers to these veterans, they will be able to experience the celebration from the participants perspective.