Google Search App Gets Smarter

The Google search app is maturing. In a recent update, Google revealed that their app can now understand more complex, multifaceted questions - and is better at answering them. 

Instead of providing a list of web pages which may answer their users questions, Google intends to provide an exact answer to questions asked. By breaking down user questions into different sections, Google is able to use context clues to determine the actual intent behind the query, and then uses their Knowledge Graph to find the answer. The Graph, which was released in 2012, contains extensive lists of facts from history, sports, music, and other popular topics.

Among the added features are the ability to understand ordered items - such as naming the largest cities in a state by area - and superlatives, such as finding the largest or smallest of a certain item. Furthermore, the Google app is now better at understanding questions about a certain point in time, and questions with complex combinations.

For example, Google can now take the question ““What are some of Seth Gabel’s father-in-law’s movies?” and break it into “who is Seth Gabel?” “who is Seth Gabel’s father-in-law?” and “what movies was he in?” - and then provide you with an answer.

While there are still gaps, this improvement has added a level of human intelligence to how questions are approached by Google, which is a trend they are expected to continue improving upon in the future.