Volvo's Plans to Open a Virtual Showroom

To showcase both their modern safety features and innovation in marketing, Volvo has partnered with Microsoft to bring the world of augmented reality to car shopping. After nine months of experimenting with VR, Volvo choice to introduce their new Volvo S90 in holographic form - it will be seen in physical form for the first time this January. 

Potential buyers wear the Microsoft HoloLens goggles, choose their preferred car color and trim color, and then tap to see the car grow to a life-sized hologram in the middle of the empty showroom. Wearers are able to see not only the car, but also view sensor fields as colorful waves around the car - this gives viewers a better idea of Volvo's safety features, something which would normally be difficult to visualize. 

While Volvo is currently unsure exactly how they will use the technology from this partnership in the future, they do plan to eventually utilize it either in virtual showrooms, or to allow buyers to view different car models from the comfort of their homes.

Check out the demo here: