Augmented reality glasses for drivers.

Augmented reality technology is entering the car industry with BMW's new MINI Augmented Reality glasses. 

Developed in collaboration with Qualcomm companies, the design and color is MINI's domain, and the functionality is extensive. Relevant information - such as directions, speed limit, your current speed, and time to destination - is displayed in the area just above your steering wheel, so there is no danger of vision being obstructed. The glasses will also let you know when you are passing areas of interest, including dining options.

One of the most desirable functions is that the MINI Augmented Reality glasses will help you with parking - they will alert you to open spaces, show you side-mirror images, and let you know how close you are to the curb. 

This new technology might also help to eliminate the dangers of texting and driving, as the glasses can let you know when you receive a text and then read that text to you.