Future Planes May Secrete Antifreeze.

Arizona State University researchers - led by Konrad Rykaczewski - believe that they have found a solution to the frustrating and expensive flight delays caused by freezing winter conditions every year. The potential new technology will allow plane wings to de-freeze themselves by secreting anti-freeze.

The inspiration behind this idea? The poisonous dart's frogs ability to secrete toxins when they are threatened. Models mimic the dual-layer skin of the poison dart frog - when the outer layer detects a change, or threat, in the surrounding environment, the inner layer releases the poison (or, in this case, anti-freeze). 

The technology development is going well thus far, but has't been perfected yet. Currently the process of spraying airplane wings is what actually causes delays most of the time, and it's expensive and bad for the environment. If all goes well, it would be a huge help to keeping airports running on time during winter months, and would benefit the environment by conserving the use of anti-freeze.