Nixie: The Wearable Camera-Drone.

The Nixie won first prize - with a $500,000 reward - during Intel's Wearable Technology competition this fall, and is currently still in the development stages with pre-orders expected to start soon. 

This camera-drone will hold onto your wrist until a certain gesture prompts it to unfold into a quadcopter and fly off to snap a pic before returning to the wearer. The Nixie will follow pre-programmed flight paths and can be used in boomerang mode (flying a set distance before returning), panorama mode (circling you and returning), follow-me mode (where it lingers just behind the wearer as they move), or hover mode (controlled by a smartphone). 

With a similar appeal to the Go-Pro, the Nixie will initially be marketed to rock-climbers, but is expected to be popular in a number of adventure sports.