BabyBe Connects Premature Babies with their Mothers

The Chilean company BabyBe has created a system for connecting premature babies in incubators with their mothers, in the hopes that it will provide comfort and speed recovery. They were finalists at Intel's Wearable Technology competition, where they garnered much international attention.

BabyBe combines a gel mattress which has the texture of skin and which is placed underneath the baby, with a plastic turtle equipped with gel panels which the mother holds to her chest. The turtle will sense the mother's lung movements and heartbeat and transmit this information to the mattress. The system also includes temperature and voice transmission, so that the baby and mother can begin to bond right away.

Tests have shown that this calms the babies and helps them to develop faster, while mothers don't have to wait helplessly away from their children. Premature babies spend an average of 21 days in incubators, losing precious time with their parents and leading to huge hospital expenses. With clear benefits and successful trials, BabyBe is an exciting new development in healthcare.