The Color Scanning Scribble Pen.

The Scribble pen, not yet available for pre-order, will come equipped with a scanner on one end so that users can scan any color in their surroundings for use either on paper or digitally. The pen will store your scanned colors for later use, with the ability to hold up to 100,000 different colors in it's memory - of a possible 16 million it can replicate. 

The ink version will come with refillable ink cartridges which mix into the exact shade selected, while the stylus version can be used with smartphones and tablets (both IOS and Android) for use in specific apps. It can also be used in conjunction with Photoshop. 

The Scribble App will show you what your current ink levels are, and allow you to organize and share your unique colors. It will also display the Hex codes to every color you capture. Because of the Scribble pen's potential to take the place of all single-color pens, Scribble is advertising itself as environmentally friendly by cutting down on plastic waste.

When they are available to buy, it is expected that the ink pen will be sold for around $150, while the stylus will be around $80.