A New Dutch Landmark: The Rotterdam Windwheel

The Dutch Windwheel Corporation has an ambitious plan to create a new European landmark, representing sustainability, showcasing innovative design, and functioning as a tourist draw.

Built in the port city of Rotterdam, this giant wheel-shaped building would have at its core a generator which would harness wind power for electricity using the Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter (EWICON) – a recently developed system which uses no moving parts, and therefore would require little maintenance.

Along with harnessing wind power, the wheel would collect both rain water and water from a wetland built below it, and use organic waste for biogas creation - combining many aspects of sustainable design. 

In terms of functionality, an inner circle would house a hotel with 160 rooms on 7 floors, as well as 72 apartments. A panorama restaurant is planned for the top of the wheel, while an outer ring would run on rails like a giant rollercoaster, allowing visitors to ride around the structure for views of the surrounding area and as part of a digital tour. That tour will incorporate several interactive technologies, and give visitors an understanding of water management history in the Netherlands.