3D Printing Clothes

Industrial designer Joshua Harris entered his concept of a home clothing printer into the Electrolux Lab design competition back in 2010, and with the increasing use of 3D printers, this is becoming a more and more realistic possibility. 

With a wall-mounted 3D clothing printer in every house, clothing companies could sell their designs as digital templates to be added to your machine, and then selected pieces would be printed using material cartridges.

Created to help solve problems arising from escalating urbanization, the 3D printer could potentially make the fashion industry much more sustainable. Printing clothing at home would eliminate the need for space on both an individual level (less need for closets and washing machines) and an industrial level (eliminating space used for warehouses and factories). Clothing would not need to be transported, adding to the sustainability and economy of this idea, and old material could be broken down in the machine, and the thread re-used.

Currently, the goal is for 3D clothing printers to become available to consumers by 2050.