Advancements in Hoverboard Technology.

A new record in hovercraft flight was just announced by the Guinness Book of World Records after Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru travelled 905.2 feet over Lake Quareau in Quebec on a hovercraft he designed and built over the course of a year.

The hovercraft is propeller based and controlled by the user’s feet. The previous record was 164 ft. The highest height Catalin reached was 16.4 ft, after which he landed in the water.

Until this development, the most exciting technology involved magnets: the Hendo Hover claimed to be the first real hoverboard, and could float an inch off the ground with a rider using Magnetic Field Architecture in four separate hover engines under the board. This is of course inherently limiting since the board could only ride over very particular surfaces, such as copper or aluminum, not pavement. The inventors – a husband and wife team – claim that they used this to demonstrate technology they hope could be applied to make buildings safer in earthquakes or floods by floating them away from harm.