Solar Impulse 2 Lands Safely in Hawaii.

The ambitious Swiss aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, has just completed the most challenging leg of its round-the-world journey: the 5 day and night flight from Japan to Hawaii. One pilot flying 120 hours straight in an aircraft which runs entirely on solar energy – on the same path where Amelia Earheart infamously vanished. After 2 cancelations due to bad weather, the Solar Impulse finally attempted the journey, and successfully landed July 3rd.

Pilots and creators, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, are Swiss explorers who designed this plane to showcase human innovation and to promote the use of solar energy. The lightweight plane – it weighs around the same amount as a car – is covered with 17,000 solar cells and contains a massive battery which stores solar energy for use at night.  

The epic journey began in March from Abu Dhabi and will consist of 13 legs in total. This was the eighth leg, after which is a planned flight over the USA, and then over the Atlantic Ocean (another 5 day journey), before landing back in Abu Dhabi.

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