The Future of Events

In a recent BizBash feature, a topic was explored which is of particular interest to us at Gramercy Tech: the future of technology in events and meetings. 

Those in the industry predict a future where technology is increasingly crucial to and seamlessly integrated into events. It will expand so that every aspect of events and meetings are enhanced by accompanying tech - instead of ordering food from waiters, for example, meals will be ordered virtually.

In particular, producers point to sensory projection and video mapping, as well as hologram technology, as being the prolific tech of the future. As it is, the use of holograms and virtual reality is increasing, and this trend is expected to continue. Both high-quality video streaming and holograms would mean access to top-class performers without the restriction of location. 

Other trends in the event space that were touched upon are the inclination to keep events less formal and more personal. Visual and creative "noninvasive branding" will be crucial as attendees become promoters for a brand through social media - if your message is incorporated into an eye-catching display or part of the decor, it's more likely to be promoted. 

The reasons we can expect an increased use of varied technologies is both due to cost and expectations: as equipment becomes more affordable, it becomes more accessible. Simultaneously, planners will have to work harder to keep a tech savvy audience engaged and excited.