Technology We Love: Design Edition

Mumbai is a city known for its vibrancy and now, thanks to an innovative project called Taxi Fabric, an additional layer of color and design has been added to this coastal Indian city in the form of taxi art.

Partnering with artists selected for their design concepts, Taxi Fabric began transforming the interiors of Mumbai city taxis last April following a successful Kickstarter campaign. There are currently 26 different interiors on display, ranging in style from interpretations of classical art to much more modern patterns. The printed fabric is used to coat the entire interior of the taxis, from seats, to doors, to ceilings. The organizers behind this project, working from London and Mumbai, continue to collect portfolios and have just begun working with 30 new designers.

The goal behind this transformative project is to offer graphic designers a space to showcase their work in a country where design is still not widely recognized as a career option. The founders explain on their website that older generations in particular struggle to take the study or pursuit of design seriously in India – “With so few spaces for young people to show off their skills, it’s hard to change that perception”.

By bringing beautiful design into everyday of city life, designers are given the chance to show their abilities to transform the ordinary. They also use their skills to tell a story - many designers have been influenced by personal memories of the city or by the individual taxi drivers they meet when creating their designs.