Rock Band VR

Harmonix, the makers of Guitar Hero, is joining forces with Oculus to bring the rock star experience their fans love to a whole new level. Rock Band VR will use the Rift headset to transport their users onstage playing guitar, facing a responsive audience.

Using the Oculus Touch controller to track the movements of the guitar body, the position of the instrument will be translated into the experience as well. Another anticipated bonus: with gaze tracking, players will be able to activate pedals with their stare, set off fireworks, or catch the attention of another band member.

This addition to the gamified world of VR will be available sometime in 2016.

Check out Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey rocking out in the Rock Band VR promo video:



What can we do with the Rock Band VR?

  1. We already have experience shooting 360 videos of bands which allow the viewers to place themselves onstage; now we can really make them part of the bands they love!
  2. Customize songs to your brand and invite your attendees to rock out. Edit together for a memorable music video experience.
  3. And of course, in-office performances! Our creative office has a guitar mounted on the wall. Another guitar is propped up by the desk of our Head Of VR. We like guitars.