Interactive & Reactive Screens
& Environments

Many of Gramercy’s most memorable experiences are rooted in interactive and reactive environments that vividly bring technology to life. 

Our team consistently pushes the boundaries of a technology’s creative abilities and applications, ensuring that everything we build is truly unique.

The following are examples of the interactive and reactive experiences we have created, from massive RFID-integrated displays to digital booths and gamified apps that draw users into a digital experience.



Eliminate time spent waiting in long lines, simplify your registration process and security system, and take advantage of our vibrant interactive signage, with


Media Walls (social and Device)

Make a real impact with your videos and photos by displaying them on a visually compelling tablet wall. Forgo traditional slideshows and screenings – instead, turn your content into an eye-catching, creative and modern display.



Paper signs are a relic of the past- digital signage is dynamic, engaging and most importantly, current. Use our vibrant and customizable digital signage to indicate where various sessions are occurring throughout large-scale events, and to show their progress in real-time. Our responsive signage can also be used for informative maps and agendas.

Photo Feb 04, 12 06 56 PM.jpg


Welcome attendees to your event with our larger-than-life video walls. As they walk past, attendee information is projected live onto an impressive wall display of monitors. By personally greeting each guest with this interactive experience, our video wall will set the tone for your event.


Movie Me

Ever wanted to see yourself in the Louvre? At the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Looking out from the Taj Mahal? Move across the world and watch yourself experience landmarks of all kinds with Gramercy Tech’s MovieMe interactive video experience.


Large Scale Touch Screen (Bentley)

Immersive visual experience is taken to a new level with high resolution images. And big screen is taken to a new standard with these seamless LED panels.  



Educate, intrigue and engage attendees with custom game modules. 



Interaction is the calling card of a fascinating trade show booth experience- photo booths, ninja game and more engage visitors for a memorable and meaningful experience.