Meeting & Event Technology

The best meetings are fresh and innovative, where attendees are concerned with the quality of their ideas, not the quality of their notes; where the communication of dynamic ideas takes priority over static set-ups; where people are free to actively participate in new ways of seeing, understanding and analyzing information.


Event Registration

To start your event off smoothly, you need a flawless and efficient event registration system. Don’t waste time rifling through long lists of names for access control – simply scan a badge, and keep lines moving. 


Our completely personalized Paperless Event app allows you to communicate efficiently and actively to your attendees with real time updates using a beautifully simple interface. It also connects seamlessly with existing event management software, providing a more robust user experience, and an expansive backend.


Heat mapping and access control

By discovering which aspect of your event draws the most interest, you can ensure that your events just keep getting better!

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Your events badge sets the tone for what's to come- make sure it's dynamic, designed and transmits data. Adding RFID, NFC or QR codes to your badge allows easy tracking and access control throughout your event.



From registration to check in, your attendee experience should be seamless, intuitive and simple. Gramercy Tech's iPad based check in suite integrates with registration systems of all kinds and badges of all sorts- we always ensure that the check in experience is enjoyable. 


ELearning Modules and Certification

Information is best retained when the learner is having fun while learning- we can help with that! E-Learning modules are customizable and dynamic ways to engage and educate your audience.


Quizzing and Icebreakers

We create Quizzes, Icebreakers, and Training Modules to use on the main screen, a tablet, or in a custom app. We work with your training team to create custom interfaces for certifications, legal disclosures, or internal messaging and branding.



Analytics and real time numbers are the critical piece in confirming and assuring your ROE (return on event)- with custom dashboards and reports, we ensure you have the information you need.