Our dedicated professionals haVE over six decades of combined experience creating innovative and engaging web and mobile software, and haVE helped facilitate special events reaching tens of thousands of people.



From start to finish, our team will build a custom solution to help you streamline the process of managing your event while simultaneously expanding your capability for engaging with attendees. From registration and check-in systems to custom mobile apps for delivering up-to-the-minute content, we help you deliver more with less.


It’s not about just getting noticed – you want to grab your audience’s attention and hold it. We've worked on everything from rapid polling systems to social quiz games to public art installations. We know what it takes to create an experience your users won’t want to end.


Big data helps you make smarter decisions about your business. We can help you improve engagement through A/B testing, track and chart audience participation in real-time, even track and locate individuals in a crowded convention center. Our custom analytics solutions can make your business smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.