Software & Development Shop

At our core, we are programmers who love out-of-the-box challenges. Some client requests are as straightforward as registration websites, but other times they are far fetched as full-on internet capabilities in the middle of Times Square. We take the idea to the shop and let our programmers figure out how to build and deliver on the project. The result? Some of our most creative builds and biggest successes.



Edgar is a bleeding edge listening-transcription device bringing new levels of engagement and interaction to general sessions, trainings and workshops, standing for Event Dialog Guidance and Reporting.



Working with Blizzard Entertainment as a critical part of their IT team, Gramercy was involved in bringing about one of the most anticipated annual video game conferences.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is not only a fun addition to an event, but it is also an exciting new way to collect vital demographics. By detecting gender and approximate age with high degrees of accuracy, marketing can be more effectively targeted, and detailed data can help event coordinators to more thoroughly understand their focus groups.


12K Points of Light

For Sherwin Williams' 150th anniversary, Gramercy Tech created a simple yet powerful digital experience for their 12,000 person celebration. 


LEap motion

Use this exciting new technology to interact with expo booths in a whole new way, as you manipulate virtual objects in a physical space. Attendees will be amazed by how accurately the Leap Motion reacts to and tracks every hand gesture.


Laser Operation Game

Custom game and scenic builds are projects we're always excited about. In this game the user was challenged to find the rotting tooth with a mirror, just like dentists! 


Network & Wiring Events

Creating a fast and functional networking system in the venue is just one of the many pieces that needs to fall into place before an event can begin. With a vast experience in networking for every type and size of venue imaginable, Gramercy can take over this part of the preparation to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.



Website Design for temporary or permanent sites are built by our in-house programming team using Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Python and Java (depending on size and scope). We can incorporate Ecommerce, customer management systems, or anything else specific to your needs.



Gramercy Tech specializes in quick problem solving, which means that we are experts at building and training teams of onsite IT support. Whether you need someone to make last-minute changes or just require a helping hand answering any questions on the day, Gramercy can provide whatever IT support is needed.



Custom holographic prisms are a unique way to accent your tables, your entrance or can be an exciting take away! Couple the prisms with bespoke videos and white glove content for a special experience for your attendees.