Training GO created by Gramercy Tech is a new exciting iOS training tool based on the wildly successful Pokemon GO game. The gameplay is designed for indoor spaces and utilizes bluetooth beacons to triangulate the position of the users in play.


Once a user enters a 6’x6’ area of the pre-defined space, “Poke Stops” appear allowing users to click and complete a multiple choice question before they enter the AR experience of capturing a 3D model projected into the space which reinforces the main theme of your training session. 


Users are awarded points for answering the question correctly, the number of “Poke Balls” needed to capture the 3D object and time required to complete the task. Point totals are then collected and displayed on the leaderboard.











Location: Barcelona, Spain
Event: Global Drug Launch
Number of Attendees: 305

In support of a global drug launch, Novartis partnered with Gramercy Tech to bring this innovative training tool to engage and teach their team of top leaders. Attendees were given an iPod touch device and invited to “explore” the common areas of the conference space. 

As a user entered specific areas of the conference, questions relating to the topics covered in that space would appear and users could answer the questions in order to capture the “winning formula” to accrue points en route to a prize which was awarded to the top 3 high scorers. 

Leaderboards were stationed throughout the event space to reinforce gameplay and encourage friendly competition amongst attendees. Attendees had pre-defined times to engage with the app as a recap for a variety of training sessions they participated in. The overall winners were announced as part of a closing celebration.