Virtual and Augmented Reality

Incorporating virtual and augmented reality into your event introduces bleeding edge technology to your attendees. Educate and engage with custom production, programming and graphic design.


Virtual Reality Systems

Room Scale VR allows us to create 3D environments or real locations, viewed in VR.

Works with Vive, Oculus, Gear VR and Google Cardboard


Augmented reality & HOLOLENS DEVELOPMENT

Rather than immerse your attendees fully into the virtual world, use our augmented reality experiences to alter how they view the world they are already in. 


360 video PRODUCTION

Our internal 360 Video Production and Post Production group develops, shoots, stitches and provides post production services.

  • Video capture up to 8K resolution
  • 360 Binaural and Ambisonic audio

vr bike

Offer your attendees the chance to immerse themselves in the 3D virtual reality experiences we create using Oculus VR. The best way to understand something new is to experience it for yourself, and with the Oculus, anything is possible. Explore new worlds and leave enriched by this memorable learning experience.