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With a unique set of skills from varying creative backgrounds, our team of designers is versatile, and can provide creative solutions to a wide range of both digital and experiential design challenges.

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Whether you are looking to incorporate one of our compelling products into your activation or create a completely new experience, our design team can assist you from concept development and user experience to branding, fabrication, and installation.


Creative solutions to unique problems.

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Streamlined experiences, both digital and experiential.


Consistent design across all devices and platforms.

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Unique products integrating design and technology.

ally + MONOPOLY®
Web AR Experience

Hammering out a user experience and designing a web app is one thing, but when a $1 million is on the line design decisions become much more important.

When designing for Ally's Monopoly Web AR Experience, the biggest hurdle to overcome was ensuring that the AR camera would not give us any false-positives on the image marker clues. Trial, error and a lot of coffee lead us to a solution that guaranteed that all winners would all be genuine.

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After School Program Website

NYC’s Department of Youth & Community Development approached Gramercy Tech to create a more effective system in which parents could enroll their children into after school classes and programs. In taking on this challenge, the design team evaluated the system and took into consideration the multiple use cases of different families.

Instead of having to go to physical locations to apply for each of the programs, parents (and even their children!) can now search for and enroll into different programs, as well as manage their schedules online!

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Nickelodeon Fry Cook Games

For Nickelodeon’s booth at Comic Con, Gramercy designed and developed a game in which attendees competed against each other to build as many Krabby Patties as possible in 75 seconds.

The Gramercy team designed the flow in which the game occurred, as well as the corresponding screens for both users and admins. Through in-house fabrication and testing, we designed the actual Krabby Patty and all its varying ingredients, in order to ensure that the design would work with the tech. We created a cohesive, kid-friendly user experience that tied together the digital and tactile aspects of the activation that attendees lined up for!

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