Interactive Screens

Digital signage is a dynamic, engaging and modern way to display your content. By also making it reactive, it can be an experience as well as a way to vibrantly convey information. Reactive signage draws passersby in with personalized greetings, while something like the drawing wall encourages creative expression at your event.

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Tactile Technology

The interactive and the physical worlds collide with our tactile technology experiences. Use our games for competition or education and your attendees will interface directly with technology, triggering impressive digital reactions based on their actions.

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Object Recognition

Use a physical object like a cube to prompt and control various digital experiences, or to play videos. One of our attention grabbing tactile experiences links physical pedestals with a digital screening of a video - prompt the video you want to watch by placing the appropriate cube on the podium.

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With interactive kiosks, bring the Dave and Buster’s experience to your event. While many events rely on presentations and displays, incorporating interactive kiosks engages attendees face-to-face with our custom tech.

Our kiosks are built with your space and event goals in mind. We can build team quizzes,  collaborative or competitive games with real time leaderboards, interactive videos for individual use, and much more.

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