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Track your attendees through beacon triangulation methods. Hot zones of beacons can be setup to pin-point the exact location of attendees and how they behave.

Analytics can be pulled from the beacon data to see the tracking patterns of your guests – where they go, who they interact with and the most common foot traffic zones.

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Badging & Security

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To start your event off smoothly, you need a flawless and efficient event registration system. As attendees register online, Gramercy Tech can use their  information to create badges uniquely coded to each  individual.

This will allow them to easily check-in and register  for various activities throughout your event. Don’t waste time rifling through long lists of names for  access control – simply scan a badge and keep lines moving.

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Training & Certification

Event Software

Built in Articulate Storyline 3, this 6 module learning series trained hospital staff on new systems and processes in preparation for moving to a new location.

As a tech agency for a training content group,Gramercy Tech was responsible for art production, programming, testing and delivering SCORM 1.2 modules for delivery on the hospital LMS.

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General Sessions Technology

Event Software

Using our app and event management system, Gramercy can power a fully integrated environment for learning, gamification, and tracking.

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