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May 24, 2018
Check out our Awards from Clutch

Perhaps you’ll notice we’re standing a bit taller today. You might even notice a little spring in our step. Maybe some jazz hands for a little extra flair? It’s not out of the question. Why? Well, here at Gramercy Tech, we’re feeling good, not just because we’re one of the top boutique agencies in the country. That’s old news. Today we were especially happy to hear that we’ve earned four new awards from Clutch.

May 24, 2018
Take Your Corporate Meeting Over the Top with EDGAR

Have you met EDGAR? Nope, not the author, or the athlete. EDGAR is an acronym that stands for Event Dialogue Guidance and Reporting, and it’s crucial to running a successful corporate meeting or conference in the modern age. That’s because EDGAR allows for transcriptions, translations, word cloud closed captions and the ability to immediately share post event materials.

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