Getting people through the line, checked in, credentialed, and into the event as quickly as possible is an important and daunting task for Event Organizers and Registration Leads everywhere. It is also generally regarded as the red headed stepchild of the event world. With the General Sessions, sound, AV, and food to think about, check in becomes an afterthought.

As the first experience your attendees have, it deserves more attention. 

Streamlining your check-in system makes it a seamless process and positions your event as a modern, welcoming experience. 

Three ways you can use tech to make check in a quick and effortless experience for your attendees. 

1. QR Code Scanning

Using QR codes speeds up queues and avoids the awkward exchanges that ensue when an attendee’s name is difficult to pronounce. Having attendees spell out their first and last names can be a thing of the past. It wastes time and causes unnecessary hold ups to the check-in line. 

Here’s how QR code scanning works: 

  • When an attendee registers for an event online, a QR code is generated and sent to the attendee in their confirmation email or within the event app.
  • When attendees arrive at the check-in station on event day, they show their QR code to the Brand Ambassador who is manning the kiosk who then scans the code. 
  • The scanning of the QR code automatically checks in the attendee and triggers the badging printer to print out their credential. 

2. Pre-Registration

The number one way to ensure minimal lines on event day is to have your attendees pre-register for your event with early pick up. This is a great option for larger scale events like concerts and festivals and is a sure-fire way to keep your lines short and your crowd moving. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • An email blast is sent out inviting attendees to pre-register for the event. 
  • Attendees who pre-register online can arrive at an early pick up location a day or two prior to the event to pick up their badges, tickets, RFID wristbands, or other credentials of your choice. 
  • On event day, attendees can focus on getting straight through the door without any additional queues.

3. Airport-Style Self Check-in

There are a number of platforms for self check in, but the Eventfinity iOS check-in app is a fully branded experience that is our favorite.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Attendees arrive at the event and approach the check-in station or kiosk. 
  • They begin typing in their name or scanning their QR code on the iPad, tablet, PC, MacBook, etc.
  • When the attendee’s name shows up on the screen, they click the ‘check-in’ button. Attendees are then directed to the badge pick up desk with the shortest line thereby ensuring the check-in line is distributed evenly and quickly.
  • By pressing ‘check-in’ the attendee triggers the badge printer at the counter with the shortest line to print out their credential. 
  • The Brand Ambassador manning the station clips a lanyard to the badge and hands it to the attendee while greeting them by name. The attendee is not only wowed by the “magic” of the experience, but is quickly and seamlessly on their way into the event.