Eventfinity Event App: Whether hosting a meeting, a conference, or an ongoing series of trainings, it is important to keep attendees informed, up-to-date and engaged from the moment they check in to the moment they leave at the end of the day. The Eventfinity Event App does this by providing participants and guests with a tool to see and update their daily agenda, access directories of other registrants or presenters that can be updated in real time and pull up a map of the event space, all without the need for bulky printed event programs.

Event hosts, speakers and presenters are also able to engage with attendees through social media feeds; uploading photos, PDFs, and external website links on the fly, eliminating the need for intrusive recording devices and handouts. With the Eventfinity Event app, hosts are also able to geo locate attendees so that when users enter a certain area or radius, they immediately get a push notification from event organizers or sponsors. For those who require ongoing certification and training, the app allows for responsive scheduling of meetings and assessments. Users of the Eventfinity Event app are continually engaged through quizzes, gamification of critical information, live in-app Q&A and surveys and feedback forms, enabling hosts to gather additional data about their attendees in order to customize and target messaging. Real time tracking and analytics, a flexible, customizable layout and an elegant design lead to ease of use and maximum functionality.

Eventfinity Registration: Even before the date of their event, organizers have an opportunity to interact with attendees through Eventfinity Registration. A custom access code gives attendees access to a unique URL through which they can provide personalized information related to their event and RSVP for gatherings. Once collected in the Eventfinity database, this information becomes available for use at the onsite check in or in the event app. The Eventfinity Registration function enables admins and hosts to send email reminders, add profile photos, and search attendees by a variety of criteria.

Eventfinity Badging and Check In: Event check in matters. It sets the tone for the day and provides hosts with an opportunity to gather additional data about their attendees. The Eventfinity Badging and Check In system provides organizers with the option for either a self check in kiosk or in person registration by event staff. After attendees present themselves for check in, a customized badge is printed, a timestamp records their status, and the registration staff is able to provide them with supplemental materials. Eventfinity Badging and Check In also offers the option for point of contact data collection such as a departure survey to determine transportation needs at the conclusion of the event.

The best run events are the ones at which event planners or their clients are able to efficiently and effectively target information to their attendees in a way that is not intrusive but is helpful, user friendly and engaging. “Every event needs an app – but if you choose the right one, it can be much more. Turn what could be a boring digital pamphlet into a seamless check in system, fun social connection platform, and a way to collect great data”, says Jeremy Patuto.  

For more information about how Eventfinity can take your upcoming meeting or conference to the next level, please contact hello@gramercytech.com