The stakes are even higher for event organizers and hosts as they provide them with the value they require while also keeping their attention and entertaining them. So it is imperative that each year, as you plan your event, you have the tools, technology, and products to help your attendees and clients achieve their goals.

Gramercy Tech is a proven leader in event technology and innovative design. Company founder Jeremy Patuto notes, “the bar for “wowing” attendees is constantly being raised - everyone expects tech at their events now”.

Here are our five top ways you can use event technology to engage attendees and make their experience memorable.

1.   Make It Fun. After a long day of workshops, meetings, and client or peer interaction, your attendees will need to let their hair down. They could head to the bar or back to their rooms. Or they could be enticed to prolong their interaction through a game like Throw Yo. This popular interactive wall projection game can be customized and branded with logos, themes or best of all, headshots. Attendees can engage in friendly competition with their peers, invite clients to join in or forge new alliances with recent acquaintances. With games like this, or an interactive light table with LEDs, virtual bike races, or something designed just for your event, the conversation will continue long after the game has ended.

2.   Make it easy. Event attendees have a lot on their minds. Make navigating the meeting space, checking schedules, providing agendas, sharing presenter bios, sending reminders and asking questions easy with Chatbot. All the attendee needs to do is download and sign into an app!

3.   Ask for opinions. There are times when information needs to be presented in the traditional manner of speaker and audience. But more and more, events call for an exchange of ideas, an interactive dialogue, audience feedback or real-time analytics. In these cases, an event app that can capture information through Polling and Surveys is critical. Event organizers are able to collect large quantities of data and feedback and push it back out quickly and efficiently, providing enormous value to attendees and stakeholders.

4.   Keep it interesting. Research shows that students are more likely to pass their classes when they’re stimulated by more active lessons rather than lectures - it’s the same for attendees at events. Dynamic Displays take sessions to the next level by creating images on the fly with eye-catching visual displays like Gramercy Tech’s proprietary EDGAR system translating and transcribing panel discussions into visual word clouds, reactive and experiential signage, and tactile technology. These displays help event organizers keep meetings on track and organized while making information easily accessible to attendees.

5.   Keep them engaged. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences give new meaning to the phrase show, don’t tell. It’s one thing to tell someone how it feels to be blind. It’s another to simulate total blindness through the use of VR storytelling and immersion. This new reality allows event organizers to present 3D holographic images rather than one-dimensional slides or photos and alter the world for users rather than immersing them in a new one, providing a tactile, realistic experience for attendees.

At Gramercy Tech we are constantly working on improving, simplifying and fulfilling the event attendee experience. Incorporating one or more of these innovative event technology concepts can help you add value to your client or stakeholder experience and make your next event unforgettable. We look forward to hearing how we can help you achieve your event planning goals.

Jeremy Patuto is the founder of Gramercy Tech, with over 20 years experience working with technology and events. With a background at Prudential Financial as VP of Futures and International Technology, Jeremy now runs a thriving digital firm, creating outstanding and memorable results for clients such as Canon, Subaru, and Citigroup. Notable projects include the 2012 Presidential Debates, 10 years working as digital lead on the Clinton Global Initiatives Annual Meeting, and creating registration systems for multiple Bloomberg Philanthropies events.