In order to push at the boundaries of invention and innovation in the company, the Gramercy Tech Labs Team is participating in its first summer-long design and development sprint: The Summer of Innovations.  Up first, the Gramercy Tech Labs Team has developed Hoop Dreams a game that combines physics, math, 3D and design to challenge the way traditional motion sports games are developed and played.

 Hoop Dreams is an innovative, interactive Windows game that uses a single camera to detect players’ joints and then creates an algorithm that simulates the motion of playing basketball in a 3D environment. By capturing the movements of users as they “shoot hoops” in front of an Astra Orbbec Camera, the game allows each participant to trigger the launch of the ball in the game. The code allows for the speed and direction of the ball to be calculated based on the physical position and motion of the user. The result is similar to AR basketball, but re-imagined as a fun, Wii-like party game, giving users more control over the shooting in the game.

The fully functional tracking aspect provides a fast-paced and satisfying gaming experience for users. Future development possibilities are endless and innovation is assured when placed in the hands of the talented, visionary developers at Gramercy Tech. Ask us about including “Hoop Dreams” at your next event. In addition to our cutting edge approach to an improved user experience, the versatile 3D background and added effects will be a slam dunk when used to promote your brand or cause.