In other words, what will attendees talk about after they’ve gone home? For events that feature Selfiebot, the world’s first robotic photographer, the answer is clear.

Think of Selfiebot as a roving photo booth. She navigates to where she is needed, stopping along the way to interact with guests through a series of phrases that have been customized specifically for the event she is attending. Instead of looking for the typical photo booth, guests can request a photo as Selfiebot passes by. And did we mention she talks and roves around? Selfiebot politely instructs guests on how to use her and walks them through the process. Photos can be branded and emailed to the guests and are also social media ready for the influencers in the group. The benefits of having Selfiebot at an event are many, including:

  • Selfiebot helps break the ice. Sometimes it takes a little while for an event or party to get going. But when Selfiebot shows up on the scene, groups form, pretensions are dropped and connections happen. Friends and strangers alike will pose together for a photo then stay to talk as Selfiebot moves on, looking for the next group of willing subjects.
  • Selfiebot will entertain the guests. The music and food is all planned, but in between the dinner and the dancing, or just during the course of a regular meeting day, Selfiebot adds that little something extra. Meeting attendees will be sure to find Selfiebot, wherever she is, in order to get their photo taken by her and, almost more importantly, with her.
  • Selfiebot can help capture data on attendees. Selfiebot can print photos instantly or send them to guests via SMS or email. All the data collected by Selfiebot can help meeting planners and sponsors pinpoint their guests and continue the conversation with them long after the meeting or conference ends.

  • Selfiebot helps build brands. She can be customized with brand messages so that as she roams an event, targeted information is shared with attendees. Plus, her SMS and email capabilities encourage social sharing, ensuring that a brand message reaches a wide audience.
  • Selfiebot follows the crowds. No more bottlenecks at the photo booth, always the most popular installation in the room. Instead, Selfiebot travels to groups on demand, helping direct and guide the flow of attendee traffic.  

Gramercy Tech is the exclusive US distributor for Selfiebot. For more information, including pricing, or to arrange for Selfiebot to attend your next event, please contact [insert name here] at [insert contact info here].