With EDGAR, event attendees are now able to focus on and engage with the speakers rather than taking notes. Additionally, those who were unable to attend in real time are able to access the information shared during the session. And, when everyone has the opportunity to share and study the material, the reach and relevance of the presentation is extended far beyond the live event itself.  

Who doesn’t want a pal who will listen and capture not only key points but complete presentations all while taking care to note who was speaking, translate the material into different languages, and even push out data and metrics to the audience via really cool word clouds? Well, now you’ve got him. Meet Edgar.

EDGAR is a well-designed and easy-to-use listening and transcription device that will bring a new level of engagement and interaction to your event’s sessions, trainings, and workshops. It’s sure to bring your next corporate meeting or conference into the modern age as it captures those notable, quotable, brilliant ideas articulated in exactly the right way before they disappear. It can also provide translations in a variety of languages, and it’ll even help make your event Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant so that all your attendees can enjoy and learn from the material.

It’s time to put EDGAR to work at your next conference or event. EDGAR is fast, easy to use, and will help take your next corporate meeting over the top into the bright new frontier of awesome land.