Here’s how it works – select the game of your choice (options include Duckhunt, Football & Paint). Your selection will be projected on the wall and the fun begins! Guests are given a small ball. The goal is to throw the ball at the image on the screen to score points. A Leader Board keeps track of top scorers. Games can be customized to reflect event themes or highlight brand logos or project a photo of the Bar Mitzvah boy or wedding couple.

Throwyo is fun and captivating and guests can play together or against each other. Maybe the engineers will take on the sales department. Or the admin staff will defeat the marketers in a nail-biting match of wit and strength. Or the bridesmaids can show the groomsmen how it’s done. Partying kids will be so captivated you will probably need to limit the time each can play, and that’s what it’s about, right?  

Not only will your guests love it, but Gramercy Tech will bring the equipment, set up, and run the game, making it a completely turnkey activity.  So, surprise them, excite them and engage your group with Throwyo, the next big thing in events.