Gramercy Tech recently partnered with m ssng p eces, the new wave production and entertainment partner, and built a petition that solves exactly this problem.

The big idea? Instead of asking for a one-dimensional signature, flat and easily dismissed, advocates can utilize a “living petition”. Users “sign” by uploading their selfies, which then turn into 3D interact-able objects that can be projected and also shared on social media.

Launched on United Nations World Humanitarian Day (August 19th), the #NOTATARGET campaign features an installation at UN headquarters in New York City designed to shine a light on the alarming statistics surrounding the deaths of innocent civilians and aid workers in conflict areas. According the the United Nations, three out of four victims in conflict zones, or an estimated 32,000 people, were civilians last year.

The living petition installation features the uploaded selfies of petitioners and has motion sensors that allow their eyes to follow world leaders and delegates as they enter the UN hall, reminding them that the whole world is watching. It will remain in place throughout the UN General Assembly, which begins in September.

Gramercy Tech expects this technology to revolutionize the way petitions are presented. It’s easy to dismiss a signature on a page, much more difficult when that signature is attached to the face of humanity.

For more information about this or any of Gramercy Tech’s innovative solutions, contact HELLO@GRAMERCYTECH.COM.