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for the event industry

Everyone loves a photo booth and Selfiebot takes this experience to the next level. Roaming amongst the crowd, the robot surprises and delights with fully customizable speech interacting with guests using your brand’s unique tone of voice.

Entertain guests

Selfie bot engages your guests by talking to them, inviting interaction and offers to take their photo.  

Follow the crowd

Don’t fret over foot traffic or where to place your photo booth, Selfiebot can navigate to where it’s needed, when it’s needed there.

Print photo or strip

Make the moment last longer and treasure the memory. Selfiebot can print your guests photo or photo strip.

The world's first robotic photo booth will make your event unforgettable.

Selfiebot can print photo’s instantly or send them to guests via SMS or email which encourages social sharing. This will give you an effective data capture tool for re-targeting and guest follow ups. Selfiebot can be further customised with branded photo overlays and ‘on -bot’ branding creating a premium experience for your guests. Selfiebot Photo booth is available for rental worldwide.

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