Interactive Digital Signage

Digital signageis a dynamic, engaging and modern way to display your content. Totallycustomizable, these vibrant signs can be used to impart up-to-date information,or can integrate with social media.

Interactive Map

Touch the map

Attendee Profile Reaction Wall

Reach attendees with callouts of attendee photos and personal greetings via their connected badges.

Conference Dashboard

Get a real-time conference dashboard with live streamed sessions, updated news, and information about what is going on at your event.


This Reaction Wall captures the silhouettes of attendees passing by. In addition, nearby attendees names will be continually added to the “Stronger Together” slogan.

Drawing Wall

Showcase your company’s creative side with a drawing wall. Step up to aniPad kiosk, draw a response to a specific prompt, and end up with a unique digital display for your event!The drawing wall is simple to use - drawings made on a tablet will transfer over to a larger monitor for display in the space and become a part of a collaborative art piece. Broadcast your creativity for all to see! 

NFC Card Integrated Screen

The Dave and Buster’s experience at your eventAdd interactive and gaming kiosks to train and entertain your attendees, with Real-Time leaderboards and branded and sponsored games.