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We specialize in creating a custom team of professionals that will help your company reach its potential. Our detailed and personalized approach produces the perfect solution for building an onsite support team, filling project-based contracts, or hiring full-time staff.

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With Eventfinity creating a custom event app is easy. This versatile platform allows event planners to take complete control of their app, from uploading relevant materials to personalizing the layout.

Eventfinity is used as the backbone and database for other event-wide activations. Bluetooth beacon tracking, reactive elements, and security can all be integrated within Eventfinity.

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Event Dialogue Guidance and Reporting has scalable voice recognition to allow individuals to be identified within groups and produce individual transcripts while collecting detailed analytics in the background. LiveTranscripts of conversations are recorded and can be formatted to display room data and frequently talked about topics in the form of word clouds.

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Using digital projection, any surface can be transformed into an exciting experience. Throw a ball at a digital environment projected onto a wall to make the field react –and gain points – when you make contact. Customize this with your own images, or play familiar games from your childhood.

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