Virtual, Augmented, 
& Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality Games

Rather than immersing your attendees fully into the virtual world, we can use augmented or mixed reality experiences to alter how they view the world they are already in.

Holographic Experiences

Our development team creates interactive experiences that utilize real world objects and locations in coordination with holographic elements to tell your brand story in an impactful way.

VR Storytelling & Immersion

Bring biology to life by putting on a headset and touring what actually happens inside the body of a patient.

Reading articles and attending lectures will never make the same lasting impression as observing the science of the medical field with your own eyes.

We have created VR experiences that allow users to:
•Experience IBS
•Simulate total blindness
•Participate in a high-speed car chase

AR Scavenger Hunts

Find the question, capture it, get the points! Your device is now a capture and collect quiz that allows your guest to move around a space and find hidden objects that contain a quiz question inside. The quiz can be formatted as multiple choice and can feature your own
question data.

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