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We are a Digital Laboratory specializing in concept creation, design, software development, production, and digital activations.

Using our broad event production knowledge, we develop imaginative approaches and experiences.



We create attention grabbing experiences that:








Our services encompass a wide range of web, mobile, and virtual platforms. We are a software and development laboratory specializing in mixed reality, interactive activations, and meeting and event technologies. We create attention-grabbing experiences that facilitate collaboration, learning, networking, and play.


Our detailed and personalized approach produces the perfect solution for building an onsite support team, filling project-based contracts, or hiring full-time staff.


We apply digital product methodologies, including rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing and iterative development to bridge the gap between the digital experiences of users and their physical ones.


The interactive and the physical worlds collide with our tactile technology experiences.


Rather than immersing your attendees fully into the virtual world, we can use augmented or mixed reality experiences to alter how they view the world they are already in.

Recent Work


Comic Con 2021: 
Star Trek Prodigy

Gramercy Tech is proud to have partnered with Glow Studio to create an interactive experience for Nickelodeon x Paramount+’s Star Trek: Prodigy Booth at New York Comic Con 2021. For this activation, we designed and developed a series of completely touchless, gesture-based games. Attendees could fly through space, fix engine failures, and blast incoming asteroids, by waving their arms in various motions as instructed. At the end of the experience, attendees could scan a QR code to download photos taken in the Captain’s Chair with the added surprise of the show’s characters in the photo with them.

Recent Work


Virtual Meetings

With the current COVID-19 safety precautions in place, live events are necessarily being canceled or postponed. With Eventfinity's Virtual Events, you can schedule meetings and round-table discussions, broadcast panels, and interact with attendees all while practicing recommended safety guidelines. Fully integrated with the Eventfinity platform, attendees can enjoy all the benefits of a live event from the comfort of their own homes.

Recent Work


Fortnite World Cup 2019

Fans gathered at the Arthur Ashe Stadium to experience the first ever Fortnite World Cup. This event, with a $30 Million dollar prize pool, was the first ever event to allow players starting from 13 years old. In addition to watching the tournament, fans were able to go on festival style rides - such as zip lines, mini golf, face painting, character meet and greets,  and more! Gramercy Tech handled all the RFID for the Fan Festival, Battle Pass, Credentialing, and Access Control for 18,000 fans.

Recent Work



VidCon, the world's largest celebration of online video & digital creators gathering thousands of online video viewers, creators, and industry representatives worldwide. Using our Registration and Reactive Signage technology we gave the creators and influencers the ‘welcome moment’ deserved.

Recent Work



Attendees entered the Krabby Shack to race one another in Nickelodeon’s most successful Fry Cook Game. Two fry cooks, in aprons, competed to build as many Krabby Patties as possible in 75 seconds. When camera vision detected correctly assembled burgers in the “order up” window, a new order ticket appeared on an iPad with the next combination of three brightly colored wooden ingredients — Sea Ketchup, Cheese, Coral Bits . Camera views, order tickets and scores were streamed live to a leaderboard to keep everyone engaged.

Recent Work


Winter X Games 2021

Large scale events like X Games need flawless credentialing systems, that provide access control without long lines slowing everyone down. Producing and designing thousands of custom badges for ESPN, we also integrated barcodes for security and controlled access points onsite.

Recent Work


AKC Museum of the Dog

Gramercy Tech helped global architecture giant; Gensler, to develop a companion mobile application for the newly finished AKC Museum of the Dog in New York City. The app intends to provide museum goers with an in depth experience using augmented reality to highlight key components of the artwork on display. Specifically the AR overlays enable attendees to quickly identify dog breeds and learn more about them as well as take pictures with the museum mascot, Arty the virtual dog.


Birthday Candle

As part of an interactive wall, we designed a digital birthday cake with a candle you could blow out. Watching the digital flame actually react and extinguish brought a little bit of magic into the room, and set off an animated fireworks display on the wall above it.

Recent Work

Recent Work


The Gracious Table at the Frazier Museum

The Frazier Museum in Louisville, KY is considered the start of the Bourbon Trail. To celebrate this landmark, Gramercy Tech partnered with Imagination in order to merge tradition with technology by developing a 10 person interactive table where museum goers can explore the rich history and heritage of Kentucky Bourbon. The experience allows users to discover curated content fed to the table by a fully form CMS. The experience ties together the people, culture and industrial factors that give Kentucky Bourbon its rich history.

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