Fuel Engagement: Live Polling, Gamification, and Social Stream

Foster engagement and encourage attendees to share insights with opportunities to connect with others at the event. Take it a step further and motivate attendees to interact by gamifying the experience.

An event attendee enjoys engaging virtual with other attendees via the social stream feature.
Virtual Solutions

Foster lively social interactions through friendly competition

  • Engagement Points Tracking

    Attendees track and earn points by actively participating in social stream, polls, and surveys

  • Leaderboard Display

    Display real-time results with a dynamic leaderboard, fostering a sense of friendly competition among participants

  • Badges and Prizes

    Recognize achievements and incentivize participation by creating badges with associated prizes for top performers

A sample attendee points leaderboard and individual attendee display complete with points total, badges, and prizes.
A real-time feed of social posts including photos, messages, likes, and a comments section.

Engage and connect with the event’s Social Stream

Experience the pulse of the event with our Social Stream—an interactive space where real-time posts, photos, and updates from attendees foster connections and collect shared moments throughout the event.

Cultivate connections with our networking feature

  • In-Event Networking Experience

    Ensures ongoing collaboration, learning, and networking opportunities throughout the event

  • Pre-Show App Engagement

    Participants can connect and customize preferences, ensuring a relevant and engaging introduction to the virtual event

  • Customization

    Customize the networking app to match your brand identity, selecting graphics and integrating an experience specific to your event to create memorable moments for your attendees

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