Tactile Tech

Interact with scenic to trigger reactions on screen. Watch as objects from the 3d environment translate to 2D on screen with additional information and hidden messages. Use different ways to trigger reactions, such as object recognition, sensors, or buttons.

Tactile Game Interactive: Nickelodeon's Good Burger

At San Diego Comic Con 2023, we designed and implemented a custom tactile game for Nickelodeon's Good Burger 2 booth. With two game stations, color-coded buttons, and engaging graphics, attendees played 1,800 games, forming a continuous line of participants. A leaderboard tracked top scorers, creating a highly successful and popular event.

A person enjoys playing the button-based game at Nickelodeon's Good Burger 2 Booth at San Diego Comic Con 2023.
An attendee plays the Nickelodeon Monster High matching game.

Tactile Game Interactive: Nickelodeon's Monster High

In this activation, attendees compete against the clock to match objects to lockers. Lockers are designed with each character in mind, and the attendees must correctly place objects that belong to their respective lockers.

Digital Elements Enrich Real-world Experiences

An attendee interacts with a hand jutting out from the wall, which triggers animations.

Interaction Projection Map

Attendees are prompted to engage with the activation, as different types of sensors trigger different animations.

Attendees interact with a touchscreen map of the United States.

Touchscreen Maps

Discover attendee origins on our touchscreen map. Find fellow participants from your state, learn fun facts, and compare commonalities.

Attendees sit atop large V.M.W.O. letters and trigger effects with their movements.

Interactive Scenic

Allowed attendees to trigger musical and visual effects. Provided engaging moments and playful photo opportunities.

Tactile Game Delivered Two Ways

We crafted two unique experiences for an event, beginning with a "retro" theme characterized by large, whimsical buttons and nostalgic graphics. As the event progressed into a "futuristic" phase, we upgraded the buttons to lidar sensors and modernized the graphics and sound effects. Despite playing the same game, attendees enjoyed an updated feel and experience.

Side-by-side views of the "retro" and "futuristic" themed versions of the C.E. Ambassador Summit game.