Bespoke Events with Full Flexibility

Immerse your audience in a one-of-a-kind event journey tailored exclusively for your brand, showcasing inventive concepts that set you apart from competitors. We meticulously handle each aspect, from the smooth registration process to on-site activations that proudly bear your brand's signature.

A mobile device shows an event attendee login screen and collection of videos on demand, as well as the steps of the user journey.

We understand the user journey

We prioritize our tech to expedite every aspect leading up to your attendance, and ensure that your sessions and activities run smoothly for the duration of your event. This means that our tech, such as our event app, is built to not only handle all your data, but also support your event experience every step of the way.

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On-Site Solutions

An all-in-one badging solution linked seamlessly to registration, check-in, and more

Our badging and credentialing services are designed to enhance the attendee experience while simplifying event management.

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An attendee uses the badging solution to position his face in the frame and receive a custom-printed badge moments later.
A sample check-in view on a tablet, a welcome message on a large digital display, and an attendee badge.

Badging Solutions.

  • On-demand Badging

    Custom badge design options to align with your event's aesthetic, along with dynamic printing capabilities or real-time updates

  • Integrated Badge Tech

    Customize assets for an app, focus on creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity

  • Access Control

    Tracking with viewable data in real-time, expedited check-in, quality access control, and seamless integration with interactives

Customizable digital signage: personalized schedules, wayfinding, and photo streams

Thumbnails of digital signage options such as a welcome wall, custom welcome message, and digital display with an attendee's personalized schedule.
  • Welcome Moments On-Site Activations

    Instantly activate a personalized welcome by tapping a badge

  • Diverse Display Options

    Various sizes, from standard monitors to full-height LED screens

  • Seamless Check-In Process

    Check-in effortlessly, enter info or tap badge to reader

  • Interactive Display

    A dynamic display creates an engaging welcome experience

  • Bluetooth Beacon Technology

    Bluetooth beacons capture and display attendee photos on screen