A Central Hub for Your Attendee Engagement

Features include integrated directories, personalized agendas, audience response systems, push notifications, and monitored social feeds for enhanced networking.

An event attendee engages with the breadth of features and personalized content on the platform.

Engage with your attendees from every direction

  • Polls, Surveys and Q&A

    Attendees track and earn points by actively participating in social stream, polls, and surveys

  • Leaderboard Display

    Display real-time results with a dynamic leaderboard, fostering a sense of friendly competition among participants

  • Badges and Prizes

    Recognize achievements and incentivize participation by creating badges with associated prizes for top performers

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A sample of gamification features including tracking an attendee's point total, a points leaderboard for all attendees, and badges and prizes.
A user enjoys easy access to event videos, recorded sessions, keynotes, and other information on demand.

Post Event Session Access: Engage Attendees Anytime with Videos on Demand

Effortlessly upload and organize all event videos in one place for convenient attendee access. Whether it's post-event keynotes or pre-recorded sessions, our Videos on Demand feature ensures engagement and information flow before, during, and after your event.

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Hybrid Solutions

Personalized Agendas and Networking

  • Personalized Agenda

    Direct links to specific broadcasts and breakout sessions

  • Enrollable Sessions

    Flexibility to choose time slots that best fit individual schedules

  • Networking Features

    Attendees can send and receive meeting requests

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A sample personalized agenda complete with essential session information, broadcast links, and abilities to enroll, save to calendar, and send and receive meeting requests.

Cultivate Connections with our networking feature

  • In-Event Networking Experience

    Ensures ongoing collaboration, learning, and networking opportunities throughout the event

  • Pre-Show App Engagement

    Participants can connect and customize preferences, ensuring a relevant and engaging introduction to the virtual event

  • Customization

    Customize the networking app to match your brand identity, selecting colors and fonts for a seamlessly branded and engaging experience