Digital Signage

Customizable smart signage can include personalized schedules, wayfinding, and photo streams.

A digital sign welcomes an event attendee with a personalized photo, message, and schedule.
On-Site Solutions

Digital Signage
for Effortless Navigation

  • Dynamic Content

    Easily update and change information on digital displays, ensuring real-time and relevant communication throughout the event

  • Enhanced Attendee Experience

    Provide instant access to personalized schedules and efficient wayfinding

  • Build Connections

    Promote networking by displaying information about participants with shared interests

A digital display shows custom event map content and instant access to personalized attendee schedules.

Impress your attendees with a personalized Welcome Wall experience

A welcome wall experience including badge tapping activation, interactive displays with attendee avatars, and personalized messaging.
  • Welcome Wall Onsite Activation

    Instantly activate a personalized welcome by tapping a badge

  • Diverse Display Options

    Various sizes, from standard monitors to full-height LED screens

  • Seamless Check-In Process

    Check-in effortlessly, enter info or tap badge to reader

  • Interactive Display

    A dynamic display creates an engaging welcome experience

  • Bluetooth Beacon Technology

    Capture and display attendee photos on screen