Make a good impression with a seamless check-in experience

Transform your event experience with our essential onsite solutions—crafted to make every moment count.

An event badge being scanned.
On-Site Solutions

Create an efficient check-in experience for your attendees with a check-in event app

  • Check-in App

    Get people through the line, checked in, credentialed with Barcode/QR Code Scanning, Self Check-in, or NFC Tap 'n' Go

  • Customization

    Customize assets for an app, focus on creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity

  • On-demand Badging

    Seamlessly print attendee badges on demand directly from the check-in app

An event attendee enjoys an easy, branded check-in experience with a scannable QR code and an automatically printed event badge.
A sample custom, branded badge alongside consistent digital welcome signage on large screens and personal devices.

Badging Solutions

  • Custom Badge Printing

    Custom badge design options to align with your event's aesthetic, along with dynamic printing capabilities and real-time updates

  • Integrated Badge Tech

    Embed NFC, RFID, or BLE tech into, and/or include barcodes or QR codes on your badges for a secure attendee experience and to collect clear, detailed metrics

  • Access Control

    Tracking with viewable data in real-time, expedited check-in, quality access control, and seamless integration with interactives

Onsite Solutions

Optimize your event with a completely connected experience

Promote sustainable event experiences by incorporating digital and responsive signage across your venue. Embedding technology into attendee badges facilitates personalized experiences, displaying custom schedules, wayfinding throughout the venue, and fostering connections with participants who share common interests.

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An event attendee views customized, branded signage with a welcome message, event map, and personalized schedule.