Live Access Companion App for In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Gramercy Tech Live is our secure and user-friendly event app that provides your attendees with all the information they need in one easily-accessible place.

An event attendee enjoys using the companion event app.
On-Site Solutions

All your event details in a single event app

  • Customizable Design

    Tailor the app's content and aesthetics to match the unique theme of each event, providing a personalized touch

  • Feature Highlights

    Explore integrated directories, personalized agendas, and intuitive audience response systems for enhanced interaction

  • Communication Hub

    Receive timely push notifications and updates, along with monitored social feeds for enhanced networking

Two mobile devices display even app features such as a social stream of photos and posts, a welcome message, and personalized agenda.
A mobile device shows a list of attendee connections with the ability to message them.

Cultivate Connections with our networking feature

  • In-Event Networking Experience

    Ensures ongoing collaboration, learning, and networking opportunities throughout the event

  • Pre-Show App Engagement

    Participants can connect and customize preferences, ensuring a relevant and engaging introduction to the virtual event

  • Customization

    Customize the networking app to match your brand identity, selecting graphics and integrating an experience specific to your event to create memorable moments for your attendees

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