Let your attendees connect with like-minded professionals

A networking feature provides a flexible and accessible platform for attendees to connect based on shared interests, all while using their mobile devices.

A sample registration screen prompting a user to choose form a list of field of interest and two event attendees connecting based on their responses.
Virtual Solutions

An engaging experience for each and every attendee

  • Profile-Centric Networking

    Unlimited custom interests for personalized networking

  • Customization

    Centralize brand identity with a unified mobile experience

  • Post-Event Engagement

    Networking opportunities extend beyond the event itself

A mobile device showing the easy-to-use interface for entering profile information like a bio, professional background, interests, and an avatar.

Streamlined onboarding: personalizing your networking journey with ease

Attendees easily input essential details, including professional background and bio, customizing interests, and personalizing their profiles with avatars or images, ensuring a personalized and engaging start to the event.