A Unique Event Experience That Transcends Boundaries

Create an immersive fusion of connection and innovation, where your event experience knows no bounds.

Captivate and connect with audiences, whether they're on-site or joining virtually

From building a connection at the very beginning of registration to supplying all your event’s information within the event app to providing insightful post show materials and analytics, our platform offers an all-encompassing solution that can be customized to your event needs.

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Thumbnails of interactive features such as a live main stage chat, submitting questions, and a dynamic social feed.

Encouraging interactions and creating social buzz both virtually and in-person

Foster active participation among all attendees throughout your event by allowing opportunities for real-time connections between both virtual and in-person participants through the event app and portal.

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Engage you attendees in digital artworks using AI

  • Individual Expression and Collective Display

    Connect through a collective display of shared AI-generated art

  • Multiple AI-Generated Images

    Explore diverse AI creations based on your attendee prompt

  • Post Image to Display Wall

    Contribute to a collective visual experience

  • Attendee Option to Share or Save

    Share or save your AI art

  • Attendee Data Tracking

    Understand attendee preferences for future improvements

A sample Artificial Intelligence Wall with an interactive display.
A virtual soccer ball bounces in a real-world background setting.

Gamification beyond the limits of your location

We're always open to exploring new ways to engage attendees, especially when it comes to virtual events! AR scavenger hunts allow attendees to get moving, by exploring their surroundings for virtual items and clues that placed on a real world map, (as long as they allow our app to track their location).