Reporting & Analytics

Collect data post-event for a thorough understanding of what made it successful.

Event data visualizations, reporting, and analytics, are displayed on a laptop.
Registration data insights such as registration percentage and attendee types are displayed in graphical formats.
Hybrid Solutions

Streamlined Registration Insights

Track attendee numbers against invitations, offering a percentage breakdown of attendee types and registration statuses (new, approved, pending, canceled, denied) during and after the registration process.

Hybrid Solutions

Live Attendee Tracking

Leveraging the demographic information provided at registration, we can determine visitor behaviors based on gender, age, and more. By tracking total check-ins, peak check-in times, and traffic patterns, we can collect valuable details about your event that will provide insight for the next one!

Important live insights such as when attendees last logged in and total attendee check-ins are displayed in graphical formats.
Analytics after events related to check-in, registration, tokens, and points are displayed in graphical formats.

Post Event Insights with Dynamic Data Visualization

Our post-event analytics offer a comprehensive view, providing you with valuable insights into the success and impact of your event. Easily access this information to inform future strategies and enhance your planning for upcoming events.

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