Mixed Reality Immersions

Layering digital elements on top of the physical world is one of the most exciting ways you can bring tech to life. You can create an entire virtual environment that fits any space you’re using, encouraging curiosity and exploration.

Thumbnails of mixed reality immersions including Motion Tracking, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.
Motion Tracking

Beyond the Game:
Where Sports and Tech Collide for Unmatched Experiences

This activation uses a large screen with a camera set up to track motion so users can interact with the graphics. When inactive, the screen shows a leaderboard.

An attendee plays the hoop dreams interactive dream that tracks a user's shooting motions.
A mobile device shows an Augmented Reality experience blending virtual items with the physical environment.
AR Scavenger Hunt

Discover & Collect: Augmented Reality Adventures
in Your Physical World

Explore your physical surroundings while discovering and collecting virtual items or clues superimposed onto the real world through augmented reality technology!

Metaverse Experiences

Include attendees from all across the globe in a fully-branded metaverse, allowing them to participate in immersive experiences both from their devices and out in the physical world.

Sponsors can have their own branded environment to invite their clients to join. Hosting a virtual watch party, networking events, virtual product demonstrations, or even interactive games are some of the ideas to promote their brand in the metaverse.