Speaker Management

Effortlessly navigate our event portal's contact directory. Customize displayed names for quick identification based on location, job title, and more.

A customized speaker directory with search and filter capabilities.

Dynamic Speaker Directories for Informed Engagement

  • Speaker and Attendee Directory Integration

    Easily search a combined directory for speakers and attendees

  • Customized Identification for Speakers

    Filtering based on criteria such as location, job title, and speaker designation

  • Privacy Controls

    Attendees can opt out via backend groups or frontend profiles

A group of speakers with headshot images.
A sample personalized agenda complete with essential session information, broadcast links, and abilities to enroll, save to calendar, and send and receive meeting requests.

Craft Your Ideal Attendee Journey with Speaker Directory for Enriching Content Discoveries

Leverage speaker directories to offer attendees valuable insights into the event lineup, enabling informed decisions on session choices based on speakers and topics of interest within the overall agenda.

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